Each ArtyPax party kit (‘Pax’) consists of everything you need to ‘Get Creative’ and are a unique concept, exclusive to us. The perfect creative party activity. Take with you to your chosen venue or enjoy at home, for all types of parties, celebrations and occasions. Add a unique and memorable activity where party guests can take their creations home with them at the end of the day. 


Simply decide which Pax package you’d like (Choose from 3 packages starting from £7.99 per person for Regular superhero pax, £8.99 per person for Supreme superhero pax or £11.49 per person for Ultimate superhero pax from the table shown in the photographs). Select your chosen Pax package, the number of people you’d like your Pax for from the dropdown box and how many male and female superhero figures you’d like within your chosen quantity and complete checkout. It’s that simple.


Our party pax give you the freedom to paint in any way you like. By giving you a wider choice of paint colours than most standard paint your own kits, you are able to mix your own colours and shades (view our product photographs for ideas of how our ceramic items can be painted). You can also use our ceramic products with paints and our colour-in products with crayons, colouring pencils and felt tips that you may already own, if you choose. Let your imagination flow. Perfect for everyone over 3 years and suitable for all abilities and occasions.


FREE exclusively designed ArtyPax party invitations with every order. Download the PDF from our homepage and print as many as you like to invite guests to your party with a difference.


FREE gifts (Included within our Ultimate Pax) are hand painted and signed by our artist, with a special ArtyPax certificate of authenticity. Each piece is unique and is hand painted using a technique called ‘dry brushing’ which creates a depth of colour rarely seen on the high street. Only items from our ArtyPax studio and painted especially for our Ultimate Pax come with a certificate of authenticity. 


Further product information:


Each ceramic superhero figure is made from high quality Bisque ceramic. Consisting of either a male or female superhero figure for you to paint as colourfully as you choose.


Each colour-in superhero mask is made from printed card. Featuring a superhero design outline to the front face and an elastic cord to allow it to be worn. In a range of different designs.


Each colour-in superhero cuffs are made from printed card. Featuring a superhero outline design to the front faces. In a range of different designs.


Each superhero temporary tattoo can be applied using warm water and will naturally wear off over time. (Please use with caution on sensitive skin as there is a rare possibility that skin irritation may occur). In a range of different designs.


Please note the ceramics that you will receive will be unpainted, any painted ones shown are for photographic purposes only. These are not official Batman or Wonder Woman products they are an artist’s interpretation.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.

Superhero Party Kit

  • Superhero party pax kit. Each kit contains everything you need to add creativity to any party or occasion. Choose from 3 packages starting from £7.99 per person for Regular superhero pax, £8.99 per person for Supreme superhero pax or £11.49 per person for Ultimate superhero pax from the table shown in the photographs, offering you flexibility of budget and creativity. You can also choose any party size over 3 people. See below for more information.

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