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I believe being creative brings joy to your mind & being in nature brings joy to your soul. Combining both passions creates the most wonderful concoction of colour & joy to inspire & enrich your creative life. Which is why I created the Green Craft Code©!


"Getting Creative Whilst Being Green Is Both My Goal & My Dream"

My mission is to empower our creative community to make informed choices. To enjoy creative pieces of art in eco-friendly and innovative ways that celebrate & positively benefit wildlife. To feel confident that as a brand I create with the upmost care.

I strive to provide enjoyable ceramic painting kits & artwork which not only add a touch of fun & adventure into your life, as well as celebrating the wonders of nature, but which also enriches & helps conserve the natural world around us.

Everything I do is with an aim to reduce, recycle & repurpose wherever possible. From my studio, which is powered by 100% renewable energy sources, to it's surrounding nature garden, which provides a wealth of artistic inspiration & beyond into the wider world, where your purchases from ArtyPax help towards global conservation projects.

I am conscious of my actions, considerate of the choices I make and proud of the standard I set.


recyclable & reusable paint your own ceramic kits


packaging used inside & out for every order 

FSC Certified

sources used for all paper products used


sustainable & renewable energy powered studio

Woman hand packing her order for delivery


  • I am conscious that my packaging choices reflect my brand values in respect to the environment

  • All outer packaging is made from recycled materials & is 100% recyclable

  • All internal packaging is 100% recyclable

  • All packaging, both internal & external are 100% reusable

  • 100% free from single use plastics

  • I review my packaging frequently & aim to reduce packaging waste wherever possible

Hand Painting a Vase with Acrylics


  • Ceramics are made from the highest quality clay slip

  • Hand cast bisque ceramics made in the UK to reduce travel miles & supports the British pottery industry

  • All paint your own kits are 100% reusable & 100% recyclable

  • Water based paint is used to become 100% solvent free 

  • Products themed to the natural world due to my science degree in Wildlife Biology

  • I'm constantly looking for ways & materials to make my kits even greener

Inside Artists Painting Studio


  • 100% of studio power is provided by renewable & sustainable energy sources

  • Connected to the ArtyPax nature garden for a constant supply of artistic inspiration & natural goodness

  • I are continually looking for new and innovative ways to reduce my energy consumption & be more energy efficient

Hand Painting Pottery Ceramics


  • I aim to produce & source the highest quality items from as local a source as possible

  • Ceramics that are higher quality and thus are more robust & durable, offering years of value

  • I use FSC certified sources for all of my paper products, in both the products offered & the packaging used

  • Handmade ceramics offer higher quality, increased longevity & individual uniqueness only offered by being handmade

  • 100% of my hand painted items are sealed to give an extra layer of protection & to make them last even longer! 

ArtyPax Studio Nature Garden in Full Bloom


  • Attached to my studio for constant artistic inspiration & natural goodness

  • Bursting with trees, shrubs & bedding plant boarders with native species

  • Gardened & maintained in a 100% organic way

  • Home to countless species of insect & bird life too

  • Notable residents include: leaf cutter bees, bumble bees, sparrow hawks, gold finches, long tailed tits, blue tits, great tits & a whole tribe of sparrows!

  • In spring: There's a flourish of bluebells, daffodils, crocus, tulips & Rhododendron.

  • In summer: A rainbow of fragrant roses in boarders & climbing.

  • In autumn: The squirrel beats me to the hazelnuts on my witch-hazel...again!

  • In winter: Everything has a good rest until they're ready to go again next year.

  • The sparrows decide to stay all year round, enjoying their bed & breakfast (as well as lunch, evening meal & supper!)

  • Two exciting new additions courtesy of the Woodlands Trust Two beautiful little trees, already shooting up!

ArtyPax Nature Garden

Want to join me in being a more eco-conscious crafter? and enjoy the wonderful flora & fauna nature has to offer along the way?

Amazing! I'd love to have you along for the adventure!
Below are a couple ways you can join me 

Social Media


  • Follow my arty wildlife biologist journey through nature on my social pages 

  • Share YOUR creative nature adventure with me (tag @ArtyPax)

  • See behind the scenes in my art studio

  • Share how YOU have painted your ArtyPax ceramics. I love seeing others creations! 

  • Glimpse my latest commissioned artworks, new ceramics available & artworks coming soon

  • Take an active part in my polls to help choose the types of product I make & create for you 

  • Full of discoveries whilst exploring through nature

  • Nature themed arty creations from my outdoor adventure journal

  • Amazing animal information & happy conservation news

  • Plus much more! 

Explore my blog here

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