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ArtyPax Wins Theo Paphitis' Small Business Sunday Award

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Exciting news! Theo Paphitis, the esteemed entrepreneur and former Dragon on the television show "Dragons' Den," launched the Small Business Sunday initiative on Twitter to support small businesses across the United Kingdom.

Each week, Theo personally selects six businesses that catches his attention and retweets them to his vast network of followers. ArtyPax was fortunate enough to catch Theo's eye, gaining exposure to a much wider audience and ultimately securing the coveted Small Business Sunday award.

ArtyPax's winners badge for Theo Paphitis' small business sunday award

The recognition from Theo Paphitis has been a game-changer for ArtyPax. The award has not only raised my profile but has also increased customer engagement and generated a surge in interest from art lovers across the country.

Winning the Small Business Sunday award has served as a validation of ArtyPax's dedication, hard work, and commitment to providing an exceptional artistic experience.

ArtyPax's victory in securing Theo Paphitis' Small Business Sunday award is a testament to my unique concept and unwavering passion for blending art with the beauty of nature. I have tried to create a means of escape from the chaos of everyday life and a way to immerse in the joy of creativity via my kits.

With my nature-inspired pottery and warm customer service ArtyPax is redefining the way we appreciate art and reconnect with the world around us. As my journey continues, it's clear that ArtyPax's commitment to creativity and nature will continue to inspire and captivate art & craft lovers for years to come.

Thank you to all customers, past, present & future, for being part of ArtyPax's growth. Here's to more growth, more nature inspiring art & maybe more awards on the horizon!

Now to get ready to meet the dragon himself...eek!

Wishing you the very best my fellow creative lovers,

Rachel J. (ArtyPax owner & artist)

Theo Pathitis' small business sunday logo

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