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  • Green Craft Code | ArtyPax | United Kingdom

    Yellow & purple dandelion ilustration GREEN CRAFT CODE © Purple & yellow countryside illustration I believe being creative brings joy to your mind & being in nature brings joy to your soul. Combining both passions creates the most wonderful concoction of colour & joy to inspire & enrich your creative life. Which is why I created the Green Craft Code © ! "Getting Creative Whilst Being Green Is Both My Goal & My Dream" ​ My mission is to empower our creative community to make informed choices. To enjoy creative pieces of art in eco-friendly and innovative ways that celebrate & positively benefit wildlife. To feel confident that as a brand I create with the upmost care. ​ I strive to provide enjoyable ceramic painting kits & artwork which not only add a touch of fun & adventure into your life, as well as celebrating the wonders of nature, but which also enriches & helps conserve the natural world around us. ​ Everything I do is with an aim to reduce, recycle & repurpose wherever possible. From my studio, which is powered by 100% renewable energy sources, to it's surrounding nature garden, which provides a wealth of artistic inspiration & beyond into the wider world, where your purchases from ArtyPax help towards global conservation projects. ​ I am conscious of my actions, considerate of the choices I make and proud of the standard I set. ​ 100% recyclable & reusable paint your own ceramic kits FSC Certified sources used for all paper products used Recyclable packaging used inside & out for every order 100% sustainable & renewable energy powered studio PACKAGING I am conscious that my packaging choices reflect my brand values in respect to the environment All outer packaging is made from recycled materials & is 100% recyclable All internal packaging is 100% recyclable All packaging, both internal & external are 100% reusable 100% free from single use plastics I review my packaging frequently & aim to reduce packaging waste wherever possible PRODUCTS Ceramics are made from the highest quality clay slip Hand cast bisque ceramics made in the UK to reduce travel miles & supports the British pottery industry All paint your own kits are 100% reusable & 100% recyclable Water based paint is used to become 100% solvent free Products themed to the natural world due to my science degree in Wildlife Biology I'm constantly looking for ways & materials to make my kits even greener Purple recycle icon Purple Eco Friendly Icon ARTYPAX STUDIO 100% of studio power is provided by renewable & sustainable energy sources Connected to the ArtyPax nature garden for a constant supply of artistic inspiration & natural goodness I are continually looking for new and innovative ways to reduce my energy consumption & be more energy efficient QUALITY & LONGEVITY I aim to produce & source the highest quality items from as local a source as possible Ceramics that are higher quality and thus are more robust & durable, offering years of value I use FSC certified sources for all of my paper products, in both the products offered & the packaging used Handmade ceramics offer higher quality, increased longevity & individual uniqueness only offered by being handmade 100% of my hand painted items are sealed to give an extra layer of protection & to make them last even longer! ARTYPAX STUDIO NATURE GARDEN Attached to my studio for constant artistic inspiration & natural goodness Bursting with trees, shrubs & bedding plant boarders with native species Gardened & maintained in a 100% organic way Home to countless species of insect & bird life too Notable residents include: leaf cutter bees, bumble bees, sparrow hawks, gold finches, long tailed tits, blue tits, great tits & a whole tribe of sparrows! Pastel Yellow Bee Illustration In spring: There's a flourish of bluebells, daffodils, crocus, tulips & Rhododendron. In summer: A rainbow of fragrant roses in boarders & climbing. In autumn: The squirrel beats me to the hazelnuts on my witch-hazel...again! In winter: Everything has a good rest until they're ready to go again next year. The sparrows decide to stay all year round, enjoying their bed & breakfast (as well as lunch, evening meal & supper!) Two exciting new additions courtesy of the Woodlands Trust Two beautiful little trees, already shooting up! Want to join me in being a more eco-conscious crafter? and enjoy the wonderful flora & fauna nature has to offer along the way? Amazing! I'd love to have you along for the adventure! Below are a couple ways you can join me Polar Bear with ice caps inside Illustration Kangaroo with desert inside illustration Social Media Follow my arty wildlife biologist journey through nature on my social pages Share YOUR creative nature adventure with me (tag @ArtyPax) See behind the scenes in my art studio Share how YOU have painted your ArtyPax ceramics. I love seeing others creations! Glimpse my latest commissioned artworks, new ceramics available & artworks coming soon Take an active part in my polls to help choose the types of product I make & create for you Blog Coming Soon! Full of discoveries whilst exploring through nature Nature themed arty creations from my outdoor adventure journal Amazing animal information & happy conservation news Plus much more! ​ Register your interest in my blog & be the first to know when it's live by signing up to my FREE newsletter below or follow my social media pages Gorilla with trees inside illustration FREE NEWSLETTER SIGN UP Arrow to Newsletter sign up

  • Paint Your Own Ceramics | ArtyPax | United Kingdom

    PAINT YOUR OWN CERAMICS Hand cast bisque ceramics ready for you to paint at home or wherever you choose. ​ Each available as a complete kit with paints for kids & adults alike or as a paintable ceramic only, for use with your own paints, glitters, glues, craft materials & googly eyes, the possibilities are endless! ​ Select a specific collection below or browse all of my pottery to paint pieces. ​ Looking for gift inspiration? Head to my ceramic gifts page & find that perfect present. All Paint Your Own Kits BROWSE ALL OF MY ANIMAL THEMED CERAMICS New Ceramics THE LATEST KILN FRESH BISQUE CERAMICS British Wildlife THE BEST OF BRITISH WILDLIFE IN CERAMIC FORM Birds FEATHERED FRIENDS OF ALL SHAPES & SIZES Exotic Animals FROM JUNGLE TO SAVANNA, EXOTIC & CURIOUS Pets TRULY UNIQUE & AWESOME, PAINT YOUR PET! Fantasy Creatures FOR LOVERS OF WILDLIFE IN THE FANTASY REALM Home Decor PAINT, DISPLAY & COORDINATE WITH YOUR DECOR DID SOMEONE SAY CHRISTMAS? CHRISTMAS KITS AVAILABLE 365...NO JUDGING...EVEN IN SUMMER! Christmas 365 ALL THINGS CHRISMASSY ALL YEAR ROUND Red berry garland banner Pastel purple snowflake pastel yellow snowflake Dark purple snowflake Dark yellow snowflake Pastel purple snowflake Dark purple snowflake Pastel purple snowflake Pastel yellow snowflake Dark purple snowflake Dark yellow snowflake Pastel purple snowflake Dark purple snowflake Pink flamingo illustration Need help choosing? No problem, contact me & I will be more than happy to help you find the perfect kit! Green elephant illustration

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  • Fun In The Shade

    We all like to catch some of those precious sun rays that at the beginning of the year seemed like a magical dream. Now the sun has arrived, has decided to stay and is partying with all the heat it can muster. Our team here at the ArtyPax studio has been competing for the best spot in the shade & fuelled with copious amounts of ice cream! But just because it's hot & you're crammed into the shade with other cool seekers, doesn't mean you can't have some fun. So without further ado, what better way to do a very shameless plug of our activity kits (Yes we went there!). Keep your ice cream in one hand and put a paint brush in the other. After all, the longer you can keep your prime shady spot the better. Just don't forget what is in which hand! Shop our activity kits and paint your own kits here Now, who's turn is it for the next round of ice cream cones?? Stay crafty, stay cool & get creative, The very over-baked ArtyPax team #Heatwave #Crafts #Creative #SunSafe #Sun #HeatwaveUK #PaintYourOwn

  • Going Green

    We care a lot about our crafty planet here at ArtyPax. Therefore we are committed to leading the crafty & creative industry in minimising the impact of its activities on the environment, which is why our paint your own kits are currently 83%* (approx.) plastic free. Constantly working hard towards achieving our future vision of being 100% plastic free. We use reused outer packaging boxes where we can and 100% of all boxes we use are fully recyclable and reusable. What’s more we also use environmentally friendly Biofil packaging chips inside our boxes too. They’re 100% biodegradable, odourless, dust free, compostable and reusable. Even our promotional material & printed paper items come from FSC approved sources. Getting creative whilst being green is both our goal and our dream! (*calculated based on kit weight) #PassOnPlastic #PlasticFree #Eco #Green #Environment #Crafts #Creative #GreenBusiness #Business

  • 5 Ways To Have A Creative Summer With ArtyPax

    The sun is shining, the birds are singing and summer holidays are on their way. Huzzah! Heading out and enjoying the sunshine doesn't mean you can't get creative along the way. So here are 5 ways that you can have a creative summer with ArtyPax. Let the creativity commence! 1) Boredom Busters. Everybody knows that at some point of the summer holidays boredom will begin to set in. So instead of twiddling your thumbs and struggling to find something to keep the kids occupied, grab one of our 'pax'. With a wide selection of themes and shapes of pottery to paint, there's something to keep the boredom away for everybody in our paint your own kits. 2) Activity kits for holiday. Whether you're camping, caravaning, staying in a swanky hotel or road tripping this summer. Our activity kits contain a range of creative activities to take along with you. From colour-in items and paint your own ceramic to temporary tattoos. Available in Dinosaurs, Unicorns, Woodland Animals, Wild Animals and Superheros. They're jam packed with crafty goodness. 3) Summer garden parties. If you're having a staycation this year then fret not as we have something for you too. What's better than a good old British garden party? A good old British garden party with an ArtyPax party kit is the answer. Paint your own pottery and colour-in items for each of your guests. Giving them a unique keepsake of a memorable summer party with a difference. Shop party kits. 4) Football mania. Unless you've been living under a rock (or actively avoiding it), you may have noticed a certain football related event on TV at the moment. Whether you're looking for an extra football activity to do or looking to keep yourself occupied for 90 minutes, our paint your own football money banks are ideal. Plus as an added bonus each order of these kits comes with an official Panini Fifa World Cup Russia 2018 sticker book. Goal! Paint Your Own Football Money Bank. 5) Outdoor painting. So what can you do if you're not bored, not going on holiday, not hosting a garden party and not fussed one way or the other about football we hear you cry. Well, our recommendation? Get out there and enjoy the glorious sunshine gracing our British Isles. Find a nice comfy spot under a dabbled tree and take your pick from the entire ArtyPax range. You fancy painting something? Sure thing. Fancy colouring in? Not a problem. Or fancy doing both within the same kit? We've got you covered. The hardest part is choosing which to do first! So there you have it. The top 5 ways to have a creative summer with ArtyPax. Enjoy your summer crafty peeps, its the ideal conditions for optimum paint drying! Get creative and stay crafty, The ArtyPax Team #Summer #HolidayActivities #PaintYourOwn #ColourIn #WorldCup #WorldCupCrafts #PotteryPainting #GardenParty #PartyActivities #OutdoorActvities #SummerHoliday #ThingsToDoWhenBored #SummerKits #Kits #ActivityKits #Football #SummerParty #PartyKit

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