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How Would You Rather Learn How To Paint?

Updated: Jun 25

Take the quick fire 'would you rather' quiz below & help shape the amazing free painting tutorials coming your way soon.

1. Would You Rather Learn By...

  • Watching Painting Videos

  • Reading a Step-By-Step Blog

  • Both Video & Step-By-Step Article

You can vote for more than one answer.

2. Would You Rather Watch...

  • Time lapse painting

  • Real time painting

3. Would You Rather Learn...

  • How to Paint Pottery From Start to Finish

  • How to Paint Pottery in Stages (eg a video on face detail)

  • Mix of the Two

4. If Watching a Video Would You Rather...

  • See My Face & Hear My Voice

  • Hear My Voice Only

  • Have No Face or Voice, Just Subtitles/Text

5. If Reading a Step-By-Step Blog Would You Rather...

  • Have All Text With A Start & Finished Pottery Photo

  • Have Photos at Each Step

Finally, Would You Rather...

  • Learn How to Dry Brush Ceramics

  • Learn an Overview of Dry Brushing Ceramics

You're Amazing! Thank you for completing the quiz. Your choices will help me create some very special content to help give you exactly what you need to learn how to paint and take your pottery painting to the next level.

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