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Fun In The Shade

Sun safe in the shade
Did it get hotter or is it just us?

We all like to catch some of those precious sun rays that at the beginning of the year seemed like a magical dream. Now the sun has arrived, has decided to stay and is partying with all the heat it can muster. Our team here at the ArtyPax studio has been competing for the best spot in the shade & fuelled with copious amounts of ice cream!

But just because it's hot & you're crammed into the shade with other cool seekers, doesn't mean you can't have some fun. So without further ado, what better way to do a very shameless plug of our activity kits (Yes we went there!). Keep your ice cream in one hand and put a paint brush in the other. After all, the longer you can keep your prime shady spot the better. Just don't forget what is in which hand!

Shop our activity kits and paint your own kits here

Now, who's turn is it for the next round of ice cream cones??

Stay crafty, stay cool & get creative,

The very over-baked ArtyPax team


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