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Painting Dreams into Reality: My Experience at the SBS Event 2024 with Theo Paphitis

Step into the world of entrepreneurial excitement and inspiration as I share my unforgettable journey to the prestigious SBS Event 2024, hosted by none other than the esteemed entrepreneur and business mogul, Theo Paphitis. At ArtyPax, I had the incredible opportunity to collect my SBS (Small Business Sunday) winners award for my nature inspired paint your own pottery kits & artwork, as well as connect with like-minded individuals from across the SBS winners portfolio. Join me as I recount my experience and the valuable insights gained from meeting Theo Paphitis himself.

Meeting Theo Paphitis: A Moment of Inspiration

ArtyPax owner & artist Rachel J collecting SBS business award from Theo Paphitis

As I stepped into the bustling atmosphere of the SBS Event 2024 (held at the Birmingham International Convention Centre), I was filled with anticipation and excitement. The energy was palpable as SBS winning entrepreneurs and business owners gathered to celebrate innovation and success. Meeting Theo Paphitis was a highlight of the event, as his passion for supporting small businesses and nurturing entrepreneurial talent shone through in every interaction. Plus he was the reason we had all been brought together in the first place, having all been hand picked by him as winners over the last 14 years. The motivation and self-belief he helps garner is invaluable to people like myself. So watch this space for ArtyPax getting even bigger & better in coming years!

Celebrating My Nature Inspired Pottery Kits

Amidst the sea of creativity and innovation, it was a humbling testament to how far ArtyPax has come since 2006. From small pottery painting kits back then to a now broad range of creatures from the natural world. Each pottery kit offering the chance to celebrate the wonders of wildlife & offering the chance of calming artistic expression. I had the opportunity to share my passion for nature inspired art with fellow entrepreneurs, industry experts, and potential customers alike.

Networking and Collaboration Opportunities

Purple and yellow satchel with ArtPax logo and an SBS notebook

One of the most valuable aspects of the SBS Event 2024 was the opportunity to network and forge meaningful connections with other business owners and industry leaders. We engaged in fruitful discussions, exchanged ideas, and explored potential collaboration opportunities that have the potential to elevate our businesses to new heights.

The Power of Small Business Support

The SBS Event 2024 served as a reminder of the invaluable support and resources available to small businesses in the UK. Theo Paphitis's unwavering commitment to championing small businesses is not only inspiring but also serves as a driving force behind my entrepreneurial journey. His words of wisdom and encouragement will continue to resonate with me as I navigate the ever-evolving landscape of being a small business.

Conclusion of visiting the SBS Event:

My experience at the SBS Event 2024 was nothing short of transformative. From meeting Theo Paphitis to showcasing attending the informative sessions by partners such as Google, I gained invaluable insights, forged meaningful connections, and was inspired to continue painting my dreams into reality. As I continue my small business journey, I remain grateful for the support of the small business community and the opportunity to be part of such a vibrant and dynamic event, as well as you (my lovely customers). At ArtyPax I am committed to bringing the beauty of nature inspired art to homes across the UK, one pottery kit at a time.

SBS Event 24 ceiling banner


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