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Officially Licensed Ceramic Figures Have Landed

The world of art & creativity just got a whole lot more exciting with the latest addition to ArtyPax. Renowned for their nature-inspired paint your own pottery kits, the horizons have been expanded by offering officially licensed ceramic figures.

Morph ceramic bisque figure to paint

From beloved characters like Wallace and Gromit to iconic personalities like Paddington, this innovative business is redefining artistic expression by marrying imagination with nostalgia.

A Fusion of Creativity and Nostalgia:

ArtyPax has captured the hearts of artists, craft enthusiasts & those who cherish moments of self-expression. Now, by introducing officially licensed ceramic figures, they've elevated their offerings to a whole new level. These figures, adorned with characters that have left a mark on popular culture, invoke nostalgia and a sense of playfulness.

The Lineup: An Impressive Roster of Characters:

  1. Wallace and Gromit: The delightful duo that has been entertaining audiences for decades is now available as ceramic picture frames. Whether it's Wallace's ingenious inventions or Gromit's expressive eyes, these figures bring the charm of the classic animation to life.

  2. Paddington: The endearing bear from Peru has a special place in the hearts of readers and viewers of all ages. Now, you can create your own personalized Paddington ceramic figure, adding your artistic touch to this beloved character.

  3. Morph: A character that has charmed generations with its shape-shifting antics, Morph is a symbol of creativity and fun. ArtyPax's officially licensed Morph figures capture the essence of this iconic creation.

  4. Shaun the Sheep: From the creators of Wallace and Gromit, Shaun the Sheep has garnered a global following. Now, fans can revel in the joy of painting their own Shaun the Sheep ceramic figure (he's not always black & white!).

  5. The Snowman: This timeless character, brought to life by Raymond Briggs' heartwarming story, embodies the magic of the festvie season. With an officially licensed Snowman figure, you can capture the enchantment in your own artwork.

  6. Peter Rabbit: Beatrix Potter's beloved creation, Peter Rabbit, has delighted readers for generations. Now, ArtyPax brings this mischievous bunny to life in the form of an officially licensed ceramic figure.

Paddington Bear ceramic bisque figure to paint

The Experience: Painting Your Favourites

The magic of ArtyPax lies not only in the characters themselves but also in the experience they offer. With each officially licensed ceramic figure, ArtyPax provides the option of a painting kit complete with high-quality paints, brushes, and instructions. This allows you to add your personal flair to these iconic characters, creating unique pieces of art that are both nostalgic and your own.

ArtyPax has once again demonstrated their commitment to creativity and innovation with their officially licensed ceramic figures. By infusing these beloved characters with the joy of artistic expression, they've created an experience that bridges generations and ignites the imagination. Whether you're a fan of Wallace and Gromit's antics or the heartwarming tales of Peter Rabbit, ArtyPax's officially licensed ceramic figures offer a canvas for nostalgia, creativity, and a touch of magic. As ArtyPax continues to redefine artistic experiences, their new lineup promises to be a delightful addition to the world of creativity and self-expression.

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